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CADENTIA Perfumeur - Creators of the finest Eau de Cologne since 1945. Made in Provence.

CADENTIA Perfumeur - Creators of the finest Eau de Cologne since 1945. Made in Provence.

Bloom Artisan Brands introduces CADENTIA one of the few remaining privately owned perfumeries in Provence overlooking the breath-taking mountains of Garlaban with its lavender fields.

They have been creating ground breaking Eau de Cologne for three generations and are true artisans in this arena, hand blending in small batches to maintain exceptional freshness and quality.


Each perfume creation is brought to life by CADENTIA’s resident Perfumer who selects natural ingredients, that are amongst the best in the world. The essences are given time to combine gently for at least three weeks, creating a distinctive and full-bodied scent.

Owned by two wonderful women, Stephanie and Beatrice CADENTIA has simple values of authenticity, sharing and respect for people and the environment.  They continue to innovate and have achieved remarkable success with their Eau de Cologne collections that are now sold all over the world.


Available in 7 fragrances; Naturelle Citrus, Rose, Lavender, Oriental, Amber, Vetiver, Jasmine.

New for 2018 the La Veritable collection pushes forward the concept of the 'Eau de Cologne' into a new and exciting territory! Combining classic cologne notes with ingredients never used before in this arena, created something truly magnificent - a collection of exciting, contemporary Eau De Cologne that reflect the rich heritage of this fragrance icon.

Collection Includes; 75ml Spray & 200ml Splash.



Available in 5 fragrances; Eucalyptus & Lavender, Rose & Geranium, Eucalyptus & Lemon, Geranium and Tea & Citronella.

The CADENTIA anti mosquito eau de cologne spray is a revolutionary formula that combines their signature, fresh cologne with an effective non toxic mosquito repellent. With five beautiful fragrances to choose from you can smell wonderful whilst safe in the knowledge you are deterring mosquitos, ticks, black fly, wasps and bees.

Collection Includes; 125ml spray & 250ml spray.


Available in 5 fragrances; Naturelle Citrus, Lavender, Fern, Amber, Cyprus.

The Jean d'Aigle Collection has enjoyed cult status since its creation in 1945. The wonderfully fresh fragrances remain unchanged since they were first produced and the distinctive splash bottles can be seen in many beautiful boutiques across France. Enjoyed by both men and women, the range features Amber, Fern and Cyprus among its scents, demonstrating the versatility of Eau de Cologne

Collection Includes; 125ml, 250ml & 500ml splash bottles.


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