In line with new government guidelines all the fragrance and skincare brands we represent in the UK are registered with the Submit Cosmetic Notification Portal (SCNP)

About Us


Having worked many years on the ‘shop floor’ I have enjoyed the buzz of retail…delighting customers with ‘new finds’ and creating a background story to the products I sold. Simply put, it’s easy to sell in retail when you enjoy the products and your enthusiasm shines though.

Exceptional customers service in turn gains customer loyalty which is the cornerstone of any retail business.

As my retail career progressed, my attention shifted to discovering new brands. Through my fair share of trial and error I developed an instinct for what was not only new and interesting for the UK market but also had enough traction to sell well and most importantly make money for stores!

My reputation grew amongst retailers and the international brands I advised, in 2018 I took the natural step to set up my own beauty brand distribution company, Bloom Artisan Brands Ltd. The concept was simple… to source from around the world niche beauty brands that had a uniqueness which I felt would be embraced by UK retailers.

I am now delighted to be entering my 3rd year and the portfolio of brand Bloom Artisan Brands distributes has expanded. Our product portfolio is one we are extremely proud of and ranges from authentic French cologne to ethical sunscreen from Australia.

We sell our brands to our network of over 150 stores across the UK and are proud to have launched brands into some of the most well known and highly regarded retail chains in the UK.

Our network of independent retailers is also incredibly valuable to us, it is after all these retailers that first believed in our brands and are our first 'port of call' when we bring a new product to the UK. Their collective power to launch a new brand is what we value, as well as their friendship and encouragement.

We would love to hear from brands and retailers alike, do get in touch! 

Gemma Flanagan

Bloom Artisan Brand Ltd


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